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Cybersecurity for Executives - DSA & FBI Expert Discussion




Last month DSA held a presentation and discussion on the state of cybersecurity in today’s market, and how it can directly affect business security. DSA Technologies hosted FBI expert Kurt Pipal and licensed Computer Forensics Investigator Michael Reese to discuss the current state of Cybercrime in the Northern California & Sacramento Area. Tech solutions from Rubrik, Palo Alto Networks, and SilverPeak Networks were also highlighted as part of an ongoing data security plan.

FBI Expert Kurt Pipal has spent more than 12 years in the FBI’s Counterintelligence and Cyber Divisions working cases that protected national security. He brought a insight-driven point of view on the threats that exist in the cyber community. Mr Reese discussed his experience as a leader in the commercial and government industries, with over 22 years of experience in Information Technology as a Cybersecurity Specialist and licensed Computer Forensics Investigator as well as his work with the DOJ and FBI High Tech Crime Units. 

The discussion featured several security topics frequently seen in the news today, including: Financial Fraud, Intellectual Property Threats, Identity Theft, and Attacks on Critical Infrastructure.

Both technology experts agreed, there is no one, single solution for “data security or integrity.” It takes a multilayered approach to help ensure your data, and therefore the integrity of your business, stays safe and unmodified.

The FBI also emphasized that unfortunately, in today’s world it is a matter of when you will be attacked, not if you will be attacked. The best course of action for executives who are responsible for the public perception of their organizations is to have a plan in place now for the inevitable. It’s important to remember, security is not just an IT issue. It involves data that affects lives and livelihoods. Any single stolen identity is available for sale between $10-20 on the Dark Net. The FBI estimates that liability stemming from its loss and purchase is $158 or more per incident per identity! This translates to an ID theft of 50,000 clients can cost your company more than 7 million dollars.

FBI experts and DSA Technologies agree, it is essential to prioritize your security efforts and make sure that your organization understands that a plan for continuous improvement and updates should be built into business policies. Monitoring and event review is critical to ensuring policies are being followed on a daily basis. Remember, nothing can be proven to be secure, but it can be proven to be insecure.

While this may sound dire, don’t worry. DSA Technologies is here for you. Contact our managed services team today to discuss how we can get your security to where it needs to be, so when something happens, you know you have the cybersecurity experts on your team.

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