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DSA Worked with Palo Alto Network’s Next Generation Firewalls to Help Secure the City of Emeryville

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DSA June 2018 Blog Image (1)

 The City of Emeryville recently sought out an updated network and security refresh and they selected DSA to help realize their goals. Palo Alto Network’s (PAN) next generation firewalls were selected for their ability to stop threats in their tracks. This technology works to secure your business with a prevention-focused architecture and integrated innovations that are easy to deploy and use.


With dozens of essential departments - Fire, Police, Administration and more - the City of Emeryville needed to streamline the management of security without sacrificing any features or functionality of the legacy solution. DSA has over 26 years of experience in providing datacenter and network design services. Our team worked with the IT staff of Emeryville to identify the current requirements and future desires of the City’s management. We helped the city design, implement, and install the security network with little-to-no interruption to their services and departments.


After reviewing multiple offerings, PAN was selected as the technology of choice to leverage next generation firewall functions and integrate with the existing Active Directory structure. By leveraging PAN’s ability to tie specific individuals accounts to who and what they can access across the enterprise, the City of Emeryville is able to segregate mission critical traffic for all users while also ensuring prioritized traffic rules are obeyed. All this is done from a single management interface to make the overall security management much easier than legacy technologies.


Altogether the City of Emeryville now has an easier, safer, and more secure network with which to assist their city’s inhabitants. With Palo Alto Network’s game-changing next-generation security platform, they can now confidently pursue a digital-first strategy and embark on new technology initiatives, such as cloud and mobility.


Want to learn how DSA can design and manage a security upgrade for your business? Contact our team today.



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