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Expanding Internal Storage Services & Data Centers

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Internal Storage Solutions for RagingWire

DSA recently worked with a local colocation provider who houses facilities across the United States, providing the best business-class data services available.  While they prefer to remain anonymous, they were one of the early companies that helped to build what would one day become a multi-billion dollar global industry. With hundreds of the top enterprises as its customers, they support critical IT systems with on-site data storage. As they worked toward expanding data center spaces and services, they approached DSA to expand their internal storage solutions with another new Nimble All Flash AF3000 SAN.

Our client chose DSA Technologies to recommend and implement the best internal storage solutions to deliver success to their customers.


Working with DSA team members, this client looked at a variety of available technologies and selected the Nimble AF3000’s best blend of features for their unique business needs. HPE Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to eliminate data slow-down, delivering the best all-flash capacity per TB in the industry – and future-proofing design for value today and tomorrow. This is the third Nimble AF3000 the client has purchased, and they anticipate additional storage for other data center(s) this year to guarantee availability, performance, and redundancy for their internal clients.

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