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Local City Continues to Grow and Succeed with Nimble

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Local City Continues to Grow and Succeed with Nimble

DSA Technologies and HPE Nimble Storage have another success story in the region. A local city’s IT management needed a way to continue to grow their storage system while maintaining 100% uptime for all backend systems. It was a source of pride for the local team that they have had multiple years of 100% uptime on mission critical systems. However, due to increased business usage of the system they needed to find a way to grow the environment by at least 50% capacity while allowing downtime of any systems.

DSA Technologies was contacted to help develop a solution to these challenges.  Our team provided an assessment of the environment which included multiple applications:

  • SQL

  • CAD

  • And other essential services on several VMware hosts


After the assessment, DSA Technologies recommended an expansion of the existing Nimble architecture. By combining the best capabilities of expanded speed, capacity, and throughput, the team was able to extend storage architecture non-disruptively to ensure 100% availability was maintained.

Nimble’s unique architecture to expand all aspects of the SAN including additional controllers, cache, disks, and network capabilities made a significant difference in how the project was approached vs. a traditional frame or brick based architecture. The flexibility of the Nimble solution allowed central IT to report one more year of 100% uptime to executive management.


To learn more about HPE’s Nimble and other storage solutions, download our free eBook and ask the experts at DSA Technologies how your organization can keep up with the challenges of an ever changing IT landscape.


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