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Experienced VMware Analysis for Napa County Office of Education


EXPERIENCED VMWARE ANALYSIS FOR NAPA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATIONDSA recently helped the Napa County Office of Education (NCOE) complete a full VMware infrastructure upgrade, ensuring they upgraded to the latest technology solutions they needed in order to provide uninterrupted, outstanding service to the education department and residents of Napa County.  

Like many organizations, NCOE has been running VMware for many years. With the recent changes in the latest VMware 6.5x release, there are many considerations that need to be reviewed to extract the full value of VMware. To cut down the time for this review, NCOE wanted an experienced partner to analyze the current layout of their environment and create an upgrade and migration plan.

With over 26 years of experience in providing datacenter analysis services, DSA was selected to create the strategy for upgrading the entire backend environment while also keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. When an existing bug was discovered in the load balancing scheme being used, it was DSA’s engineers that reconfigured the system on the fly and ensured that NCOE didn’t experience any outages. Working with the vendors, DSA was also able to pinpoint the issue and get it resolved in just 16 hours.

Nearly every component in the datacenter was involved with this upgrade. Our team ensured each was analyzed and upgraded accordingly. Components included hosts, storage networks, LAN switching and routing, the SAN, and new security policies to take advantage of the latest offerings from VMware.

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